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Video: Rick Sammon on HDR Photography

High contrast subjects have always posed an interesting challenge for photographers. Bright skies combined with dark shadows can complicate the exposure process. With digital imaging, new software and techniques can help photographers tame these difficult situations and create striking images, enter High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography. In the last few years, HDR photography has increased significantly in popularity. Software like HDRSoft’s Photomatix simplifies the process and increases control for photographers.

As part of the HDR process, color plays an integral role. With the exaggerated effects that you can create, seeing the true color in the file is even more critical. Color calibration solutions, like X-Rite ColorMunki Photo, will help you get the best color match for your images.

In this video, Rick Sammon will walk you through the process of setting up an HDR shot and how to follow his exposure and composition guidelines to ensure the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Rick will also use the X-Rite ColorMunki Photo to demonstrate the importance of ensuring that you always see the correct color on your display and how to print perfect color every time.

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Rick Sammon


Rick Sammon has published 34 books, including his latest, Rick Sammon’s Secrets to Digital Photography, Exploring the Light – Making the Very Best In-Camera Exposures, and Face to Face – The Complete Guide to Photographing People.
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