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Andy Marcus

In a creative business where stellar reputations are not easily made, wedding and portrait photographer Andy Marcus enjoys one going back not only decades, but spanning generations. Begun in 1941 by his father, Fred Marcus, Andy’s son Brian has also entered the family trade which can claim current clients whose parents and grandparents were once customers.

Andy has long maintained that consistency and responsibility to his clients are two of the most important deliverables he provides, right alongside impressive proofs and beautiful final albums. “Our business today spans generations of customers where people come back over and over again for their photography because they’re happy with the quality of the work we do. The consistency is based on giving wonderful results time after time.”

The choice of technology Fred Marcus employs ensures this consistency. “I don’t settle. ‘It’s good enough for the customer’ doesn’t work. It has to be the best from here, my studio. That’s why we use the X-Rite products, like ColorMunki, which has been incredible for us. Our whole system is matched. What I see on one monitor is what I see on another monitor, which is what I send to the lab, which is what I get back. X-Rite has been monumental in giving us a way to manage our color. The ColorMunki has balanced everything out.”

Not only does ColorMunki help deliver the quality Andy’s studio is known for, but X-Rite products deliver to his bottom line. “You get much more work done. Less time is wasted,” he says, which raises profitability even in these times. “When I first started with my father, shooting 100 pictures at a wedding was a big wedding.” Now that it’s easy and cheap to digitally shoot thousands of photos at a wedding, Andy still makes every shot count, and this concern continues through his color management philosophy until the bride and groom have their final album in hand. “When we started with ColorMunki, it ended arguments here. Before that, everyone had a story about why colors didn’t match up. Now it’s all very smooth, very simple. It’s transformed our business. In the end, it’s about the color.”