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Color Management Products For Photography

Find color management products quickly, easily and affordably. Create custom color profiles for your monitors, projectors, printers, scanners and digital cameras. Or simply capture custom white balance, gray balance or color standards with ColorChecker targets.

No matter what your color needs are, X-Rite has color management products that are perfect for you. X-Rite Photo always ensures accurate and consistent color results from capture to screen to print.

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i1 Solutions

X-Rite i1 Professional Solutions: Why you need color management

How much time do you spend correcting bad color after a shoot? Have you ever sent a file for production, only to later learn some of the colors were out-of-gamut?

As a photographer, you know perfect color is essential. But with today's complex digital imaging technologies, getting your colors to match between cameras, displays, projectors and printers can be a challenge. X-Rite's i1 Professional Color Management solutions offer the flexibility you need to easily achieve precise color, every time.

  • Accurate color at capture
  • Accurate on-screen and projected color
  • Reliable matching from monitor to printer
  • Consistency and repeatability from print to print and printer to printer

i1 Solutions for the Professional Photographer

X-Rite's i1 software walks you through the steps to calibrate and profile your color devices to create custom profiles, much like fingerprints of each device. When you apply them in your applications, drivers, and RIPs, they break down the color language barrier to ensure each color is communicated clearly, accurately and consistently, from device to device. And, since all of today's professional imaging and design tools support color management profiles, implementing them into your existing workflow is a snap!

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ColorMunki Solutions

ColorMunki Solutions for Color Perfectionists Working at the Speed of Life

ColorMunki solutions are made easy for Color Perfectionists who demand professional quality coupled with easy to use software.

ColorMunki gets you to an amazingly calibrated and profiled display, projector or printer in minutes. We eliminate all the frustration and irritation so you have that much more time to focus on what you love doing. No matter which solution you choose, ColorMunki offers everything you could possibly need to get you to a brilliantly calibrated and profiled workflow in no time. For Color Perfectionists seeking simplicity, the ColorMunki line will absolutely amaze you.

If only everything in life were this easy.

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ColorChecker Targets

X-Rite ColorChecker® Series Targets are the professional photographer's reference to ensure predictable standards under every lighting condition. Capture accurate colors from the beginning to minimize tedious trial and error color adjustments and achieve true-to-life color.

Whether working with film or in a digital workflow, you can rely on X-Rite ColorChecker® products to optimize the power of your camera and ensure accurate color reproduction.

  • Manage color fidelity
  • Expedite correction of tonal range
  • Perfect gray balance, even in blended lighting
  • Ensure color expectations can be managed

ColorChecker Targets will Ensure Your Captured Colors are True

Whether you are shooting RAW, JPEG or even film, including a ColorChecker target will ensure the colors you capture are true, saving you from correcting bad color later.

ColorChecker targets offer you unparalleled tools to attain full color control and customized creative enhancement from image capture to post-processing. You’ll be able to perform tasks like checking and evaluating shadow details or highlight clipping; checking and controlling color shifting, evaluating specific colors, creating DNG camera profiles and creating custom in-camera white balance for a consistent white point in a set of images.

Capture real life color with an X-Rite ColorChecker Targets.

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Color Perfection for Mobile Devices

In our on-the-go, photography-filled world, mobile devices have become one of the most important ways for displaying and sharing our images, but their color accuracy is not perfect. ColorTRUE is the super simple way for professional and enthusiast color perfectionists alike to get unrivaled color accuracy on their mobile devices. Show your TRUE colors – anywhere and everywhere you are!

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