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X-Rite Photo & Video Promotions

Festival of Color

Festival of Color 2017

Celebrate color on screen, in motion and with your prints. We know capturing accurate, repeatable color is essential to your photography and filmmaking. The education and product specials during the Festival of Color will help you achieve the colors you want. Visit us at your local photo/video dealer, take advantage of our free webinar series and get the tools you need. Color perfectionists unite!


This months savings:

ColorChecker Passport + USB

ColorChecker Passport + USB - $20 Instant Rebate

ColorChecker Passport Video

ColorChecker Passport Video - $20 Instant Rebate

ColorChecker Video

ColorChecker Video - $10 Instant Rebate

ColorMunki Display

ColorMunki Display - $30 Instant Rebate

i1 Display Pro

i1Display Pro - $40 Instant Rebate

ColorMunki Smile Kit

ColorMunki Smile Kit - $30 Instant Rebate

ColorMunki Photo

ColorMunki Photo - $60 Instant Rebate

All discounts are available at authorized dealers, CLICK HERE to find your local reseller.