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Coloratti - Andy Biggs

Color Management Webinars

Free online educational color tutorials from X-Rite photo offer basic information, insights, and tips to achieve color control, consistency and creativity for your specific workflow. These webinars have been developed to address specific color topics and are designed to appeal to both professional and serious amateur photographers.

By the end of each photography tutorial, you'll gain new confidence and learn quick, easy and powerful ways to enhance your color workflow. You’ll even have the opportunity to ask questions to the live trainers.

To register, simply click the register link and a confirmation email will be sent to you..

Upcoming Webinars

On-line learning at your fingertips. Check out our calendar of events or visit our Webinar Archive for previously recorded sessions.

5/5/2016   12:00PM EST
Fashion Shoot Workflow From Start to Finish

Join fashion photographer Lindsay Adler as she walks you through the exciting process of bringing a fashion shoot to life.

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5/11/2016   12:00PM EST
The Beginner Photographer’s Secret Weapon: Why and how the Pros use ColorCheckers

The best, most secret weapon in any photographer’s kit is a ColorChecker. A photograph of this simple chart makes eliminating color cast and allows perfect color to happen easily in post production.

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5/24/2016   12:00PM EST
Optimizing Photos in Lightroom with X-Rite Coloratti Tim Grey

Join Tim Grey: You'll gain insights into a workflow for optimizing your photos that focuses on the photo itself.

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I missed my webinar – what now?
No worries. All our webinars are archived for on-line viewing at any time that is convenient for you. Check out the Webinars Archive page to catch up on what you missed.