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i1 Solutions

Advanced Calibration and Profiling for Professional Color

Color. Perfected.

When you require absolute control…

You're focused on the best equipment; now get the best from X-Rite i1 Color Management Solutions. Make sure that every step of your workflow is color perfected.

i1Display Pro


i1Display Pro

Color Perfectionists know that a calibrated display is a critical element in an efficient digital workflow. Nobody wants to spend hours at their monitor perfecting images only to find that their display wasn't accurately representing their digital files. i1Display Pro is the ultimate solution for professionals who demand speed, options and flexibility to attain the most accurate color on their monitors and projectors.


i1Photo Pro 2


i1Photo Pro 2*

i1Photo Pro 2 is specifically designed for discerning photographers to manage their cameras, displays, projectors, scanners and RGB printers with an unprecedented level of flexibility and control to create professional quality profiles. Photographers will enjoy the highest quality color results that especially target highlight and shadow details and delivers greater color accuracy for more neutral grays and natural skin tones. Photographers can even optimize their prints with the new Optical Brightener Compensation capability and create output profiles for specific lighting conditions wherever the prints will displayed.


*CMYK option is available for i1Publish Pro 2.




i1Display Pro

i1Basic Pro 2

i1Photo Pro 2

i1Publish Pro 2



  i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer   i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer


  Display Monitor Monitor Monitor Monitor
  Display QA Monitor QC Monitor QC Monitor QC Monitor QC
  Projector Projector Projector Projector Projector
  Scanner     Scanner Scanner
  RGB Printer     RGB Printer RGB Printer
  CMYK+ Printer       CMYK+ Printer
  Printer QA   Printer QC Printer QC Printer QC
  PANTONE Color Manager   Pantone Color Manager Pantone Color Manager Pantone Color Manager
  ColorChecker Camera Profiling
    ColorChecker Passport ColorChecker Passport


  ColorChecker Classic (mini)     ColorChecker Classic (mini) ColorChecker Classic (mini)
  ColorChecker Proof     ColorChecker Proof ColorChecker Proof
Andy Biggs

Behind the Lens

Each campaign image is from an X-Rite Coloratti Master. Get a glimpse into the unique story behind these incredible images and read their thoughts on the importance of a color accurate workflow. GO »

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large display profiling
projector profiling
monitor ambient light conditions
monitor profiling
printer profiling
projector profling
ambient light capture for monitor profiles
ambient light capture for output profiles
new dual illuminant light source
laptop profiling
award winning i1Pro 2