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Display Solutions

Display Solutions

When it comes to display calibration, to a Color Perfectionist “good enough” just isn’t.

Calibrating and profiling your display will optimize your monitor's settings for contrast, brightness, and color temperature for accurate on-screen color. Color Perfectionists can now choose the ideal i1Display solution for their experience, budget and specific needs.

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i1Display Pro Plus

Out of Production – the upgrade to this product is now available through our global partner Calibrite. Visit calibrite.com to learn more.

Ultimate display calibration for the most demanding filmmakers and photographers looking for advanced options and maximum control for super-bright HD and HDR monitors.

The i1Display Pro Plus incorporates new technology to meet the needs of filmmakers, editors, colorists and photographers working with today and tomorrow’s constantly evolving super bright, HD and HDR monitors. The i1Display Pro Plus colorimeter is unsurpassed measuring up to 2000 nits for the highest level of on-screen color accuracy for edit and reference monitors, laptops and projectors.