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Festival of Color - 2019!

Welcome to X-Rite Festival of Color!

The Festival of Color is a celebration of all the incredible ways people like you are perfecting the art of color. Get ready to perfect your story by learning all aspects of color management from capture to edit, display to printing and more. Catch all the latest action at your favorite local dealers across the USA and get exclusive savings on select X-Rite color solutions!

  • Incredible Savings at Dealer In-Store Events
  • Live Training and Education
  • On-Demand Learning
  • Big Savings

    Attend dealer in-store events for big savings on many popular X-Rite Color Management Solutions covering every aspect of color management from capture through edit and printing.

    Live Events

    Live events will cover the latest, easy to use, professional color management solutions from X-Rite as well as color management and printing seminars and workflow discussions for photographers and filmmakers.

    Be sure to check back often as we are always adding new and exciting events!

    Online Library

    From the moment you press the shutter button, till the last drop of ink dries, creating an image that precisely matches what you envisioned is an experience unrivaled by any other.

    Check out these awesome videos and learn everything you need to perfect your color and perfect your story.

    Resources for Color Perfectionists

    We continually create content to help our community learn and grow. Check out the playlist below to take your work to a whole new level of Color Perfection.