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John Paul Caponigro

The influence of his background as a painter has been well noted in the work of internationally acclaimed photographer John Paul Caponigro.  His approach to his photographic subjects, which primarily focuses on the natural world, has been influenced by this same artistic sensibility as well.  

“Coming to photography as a painter, I’m aware of how powerful a phenomenon color can be. Color can elicit strong physical, psychological and emotional reactions. I’m very conscious of the importance of managing color right from the start.  I do understand that a lot of creative people don’t want to become color scientists.  Luckily, color management companies like X-Rite are making it easy,”” he says.

Having exhibited in such collections as including Princeton University, the Estée Lauder collection, and the Smithsonian, John Paul understands that the “quality of the prints relies on the quality of the profiles,” as he puts it. He uses X-Rite technology in studio to ensure a totally managed color workflow that delivers gallery-level outcomes in the most effective way possible. He also teaches extensively, including The Santa Fe Photographic Workshops and The Maine Media Workshops, and is a frequent and sought-after international lecturer.  For these, John Paul has adopted one of the latest innovations from X-Rite, an integrated, portable color management device.

“I have been using an i1Pro, Isis and i1iO in my studio to ensure the quality of my prints for some time,” John Paul confirms. “I now pack a ColorMunki Photo in my bag to calibrate projectors to ensure a higher quality presentation.”
“That ColorMunki is quite an accurate little ‘tape measure’,” he adds with smile.
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