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Andy Katz

Natural Light Landscape, Nudes and Portrait Photographer, USA

The photographs created by Andy Katz have taken him around the globe.  From the Old Country in Eastern Europe to the California wine country, which he now calls home, his subjects are as diverse as hi travels and adventures.

The images in Katz’s books, A Portrait of Napa and Sonoma; Concannon: The First One Hundred and Twenty-Five Years; New Zealand: Sea, Earth, Sky; Private Reserve; Robert Mondavi Winery; The Heart of Burgundy; Tuscany and Its Wines; and Vineyard have been described by vintners, photographers, critics and readers as breathtaking.  His evocative work is featured in museums and galleries worldwide including his own in Boulder, Colorado and Healdsburg, California.

Katz discovered his love for photography at a young age.  Admittedly, he had been chasing his classmates around the playground with his camera since as early as the third grade.  But when he was 11, his father brought home a book of black and white portraits by the legendary Canadian photographer Yosuf Karsh.  “It was as if a flash bulb went off in my soul. I was amazed.  Karsh’s work was all large-format and his prints were so vivid you felt you could actually touch the person’s skin.  The tonality, the technique, it was all truly exquisite. I was mesmerized,” said Katz.  How ironic that years later, Yosuf Karsh would count himself among the many proud collectors of Katz’s photos.

“Andy Katz’s photography is simply some of the finest I’ve ever seen.”
– Bill Butler, Director of Photography, Jaws and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

“Andy’s mastery of his medium, his artistry and dedication to his vision surely places him amongst America’s finest photographers.”
– Dan Fogelberg, singer, songwriter, recipient of numerous gold and platinum records

 “Andy Katz is an exceptional photographer.  His photographs have an air of quiet contemplation about them.  These images are not only often beautiful, they also are full of surprises.  They make you want to be there; to listen, to breathe, to experience.  Apart from actually standing there, these photographs are as good as it gets.”

– Sam Neill, Actor

“Great wines and great wineries make great photos as well, especially those by Andy Katz”

– Robert Mondavi, Vintner

“You could be skeptical: what can pictures add to the glory of great wines?  Andy Katz’s portrait of Burgundy, like his portrait of Napa Valley before, adds whole dimensions.  He has the genius to set the terrior, the land, its people, and their deep-set traditions graphically and very beautifully before your eyes.”

– Hugh Johnson, Wine Writer

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