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Webinar Archive: Using Lightroom to Process and Improve Your Photos with Chris Orwig

4/11/2014 1:00pm EDT  

Coloratti Chris Orwig will lead this webinar highlighting how to most effectively use Lightroom to create better photographs. In this webinar, Chris will work on his images from start to finish. He will show how using the ColorChecker Passport can help to create more accurate color, and how the Lightroom controls can help you create more expressive and interesting photographs. Through it all, Chris will cover important workflow tips and techniques that will help you to improve the way you work on and create your images.

Here's some specifics of what will be discussed:

  • Lightroom New Features
  • Working with Catalogs and backing up your work
  • Creating Custom Profiles with the ColorChecker Passport
  • Organizing with the Library Module
  • Enhancing your photographs with Develop Module
  • Crafting expressive photographs
  • Lightroom Workflow from start to finish

    Chris Orwig is a celebrated photographer, author and educator based in Santa Barbara, Ca. He was on the Faculty of Brooks Institute for 12 years,authored 5 best-selling books and over 70 online courses available on lynda.com. Chris’ passion for teaching runs deep! He has been on the X-rite Coloratti team for many years and always brings practical experience, technical expertise and passion to the teaching he provides.

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