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Webinar Archive: Creating the Mood with Texture, Color, and Sharpness by Katrin Eismann

3/29/2012 2:00 PM EDT  

For the Birds! Nature Photography with Maxis Gamez

Educator, photographer, and author Katrin Eismann will be our very special guest for this webinar featuring color management, editing, and enhancement techniques that you can use in your digital workflow immediately. Katrin is Chair of MPS Digital Photography Department at School of the Visual Arts in NYC. She is a prolific author of many books and articles including “The Creative Digital Darkroom” and many, many more.  Her website www.photoshopdiva.com includes links to books, articles, DVD’s, and a gallery of her work.

In this free webinar sponsored by X-Rite and Nik Software, Katrin will talk about the importance of color management to your color workflow and explore working with Photoshop CS5 in collaboration with NIK Silver Efex Pro 2 and HDR Efex Pro to explore and express personal vision.

Working with a wide variety of image files, Katrin will show how to expand Photoshop’s capabilities with HDR Efex Pro on single and multishot files to enhance texture, color, mood, and sharpness. She will also address how she works with Silver Efex Pro 2 to enhance her landscape photography and to create a cohesive body of work.

Topic Covered:

  • Working with single exposure images to create compelling HDR Effects
  • Combining Photoshop’s HDR Pro with NIK HDR Efex Pro to achieve optimal results
  • Working globally and selectively with Silver Efex Pro 2
  • Harnessing the power of Smart Objects
  • Discovering the finesse of Smart Filters
  • Never saying never!

Who should attend:

  • Retouchers and artists working with Photoshop CS5
  • Photographers doing their own finishing and retouching
  • Those new to HDR photography
  • Anyone interested in B&W reproduction
  • Photographers who want to enhance their images

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