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Webinar Archive: Time Saving tips for Raw Work Flow with Janice Wendt

4/17/2013 12:00pm EDT  


Ever spend more time optimizing your raw images than taking them originally? Achieving the best density, contrast and color often takes more time than we expected.  The first steps in image processing are the most important steps to optimized images. Adjustments made to your raw images can change the quality of your final output. Artifacts and loss of data can be a result if the changes to the raw file are not made correctly. 

Learn how to make the best changes and how to optimize files, individually or as a batch, using calibrated monitors and camera profiles by X-Rite. You’ll also learn about image optimization with Perfectly Clear software in this must see webinar by Janice Wendt. 

Janice is one of the Photographic industry’s most respected retouch and image enhancement artist.  Well known as the Trainer to the Trainers, she has more than 30 years in nature, commercial, wedding and portrait photography experience. She brings traditional techniques she learned through years of working with sensitized products into digital imaging, creating the ever-elusive WOW image factor.

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