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Webinar Archive: Get Consistently Great Color Prints from Your Lab!

2/12/2014 1:00pm EST  


If you are ever disappointed with the prints you get back from your lab, chances are you have a problem with your color workflow and calibration. But don't despair! Join us for a free webinar sponsored by X-Rite and Nations Photo Lab and learn how easy it can be to get prints with consistently great color and tone.

One common complaint we hear is: "my prints are dark". With a little bit of hardware and easy to follow software, you'll see all that is needed to get better results while saving time and money. Join host Joe Brady as he shows how he gets consistent results from all the work he sends out to the lab. No more re-prints or rush charges because of last minute adjustments or prints that are darker than expected.

Take control of your color workflow and learn how to create the best digital file for your lab.

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