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Webinar - Achieving Perfect Exposure and Profiles in Video

6/20/2016 5:30 - 6:30 PM BST  

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With so many choices of picture profiles and associated gamma curves, people are increasingly confused by how best to achieve accurate exposure. If you’ve struggled to get clean, exposed images with the most recent crop of digital cinema cameras and DSLRs, Ollie Kenchington is here to answer your questions so that, by the end of this webinar, you will go away with some great advice on when to choose a profile and how to expose for it.

In this Webinar, Ollie will cover:

  • How to place the ColorChecker Video target in your scene
  • How do different gamma profiles affect our images
  • How does our camera handle colour information
  • How to balance video shot with different picture profiles

Ollie’s experience includes over 15 years of post-production experience, lecturing at several universities, and leading filmmaking and post-production masterclasses as an Apple and Adobe Certified Instructor, meaning that you will be learning from the very best!

For more about Ollie, visit - www.korro.co.uk

Ollie Kenchington

Webinar Details

Title: Achieving Perfect Exposure and Profiles in Video
Presenter: Ollie Kenchington
Date: 20th June, 2016
Time: 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM BST

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