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Webinar Archive: A speedy workflow from the beginning. A complete intro to Adobe Lightroom3 - Part 2

10/14/2011 16:00  

webinar jon r. trengereid

A speedy workflow from the beginning. A complete intro to Adobe Lightroom3.

Improve your Color Management Skills by joing the 3 Part Session

- Get the best out of your equipment
- Speed up your Workflow
- Gain greater control over your raw files.
- Get Accurate Colors

Part 1:
Friday, September 16th, 4pm Central Europe Time
watch Part 1

Part 2

Friday, October 14th, 4pm Central Europe Time

- An intro to Lightroom (what separates LR from adobe bridge and other raw converters)
- How to set up Lightroom for efficient workflow
- Selecting and rating images for workflow speed


Part 3:
Friday, November 18th, 4pm Central Europe Time, 3pm UK Time
Requirements: We would recommend you to watch the previous 2 Parts of this Webinar session.

This session will cover:

- The raw converting process
            - Raw development for color images
            - Raw development for grayscale images

- How Lightroom communicates with Photoshop

- Printing from Lightroom
            - Creating Print Template
            - Setting up the print driver to communicate with Lightroom
            - Printing wiht Colormanagement

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