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Webinar Archive: STOP! Before you color grade that footage…

5/22/2012 1:00 PM EDT  

In this free webinar sponsored by B&H Photo and X-Rite we are going to discuss color management and how it applies to digital filmmakers.

Before you adjust the color on your footage, shouldn't you know that your monitor is showing you the correct color in your file? Now more than ever, the quality of your final production is based on the quality of your editing. Knowing the color you are evaluating is accurate is the foundation to a good workflow. The only way to properly grade your footage is to make sure what you see is accurate to NTSC, SECAM/PAL, or REC .709 broadcast standards. Joshua Fischer will take you through the very simple steps of making sure that what you see on your monitor is what your clients will see in the final product..

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