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Webinar Archive: Developing a Vision and Editing For Your Online Portfolio with Eduardo Angel

5/14/2013 4:00pm EDT  


Eduardo Angel is an acclaimed visual storyteller, educator, and consultant who possesses a keen sense of aesthetics and vision, as well as a technical expertise in digital photography and filmmaking workflows. His global workshops help photographers and filmmakers use technology to enhance their creativity.

Eduardo will share the essential topics from one of his most popular workshops: How to improve your portfolio and develop your vision. In this exciting webinar, co-sponsored by PhotoShelter and X-Rite, Eduardo will discuss how to find a focus and visualize a theme within a body of work.

Eduardo will share stories from a recent trip to the Middle East, and he'll walk us through a streamlined online portfolio that he created from more than 1,500 images. We'll also gain insight into Eduardo's digital workflow, which includes how he uses the ColorChecker Passport to improve image quality, and witness the thought process behind one of his latest photography projects.

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