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Webinar Archive: Processing Ice and Snow Images with Joshua Holko

9/25/2013 7:00pm EDT  

Processing images with snow and ice can be problematic. In this follow up webinar, X-Rite Coloratti Joshua Holko, specialist in and Polar and Sub-Polar photography, shares more of his workflow for dealing with snow and ice photographs. In this workshop he will give examples of how to extract the most from your files in a step-by-step process that you can apply to your own post processing workflow. Using X-Rite color management solutions like ColorChecker Passport and i1Display Pro ensures that everything he does in his workflow is color managed saving time and producing a better image as the end result. Joshua will also talk about why he uses Moab Paper for his photographic prints.

Sharing some insights into his own shooting style and methodology, Joshua will talk about some of the pitfalls of shooting and processing images with snow and ice and what to look for when editing your images for printing. He will reveal specific techniques for getting texture and tone into snow and ice photographs.

Join Coloratti Joshua Holko for this look into the special challenges of processing ice and snow images.

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