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Webinar Archive: Perfect Color for Lab Printing

11/21/2013 1:00pm EST  


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Have you ever sent images to a lab and had them come back dark, with bad color, or both! By putting a color workflow into place, you can get consistent and accurate results from your lab every time. Join host Joe Brady for this webinar sponsored by X-Rite as he cover tips and techniques to make your color workflow a welcome part of the creative process.

For photographers who send some or all of their images to a lab for printing, having a color workflow in place will save you time and money and help to get you the best results possible from your labs. Monitor calibration, soft-proofing and color space conversions may sound technical, but no technical expertise is necessary to get great color from the images you send out for printing. By following this step-by-step workflow, you will be providing the best possible image file that will produce the most accurate results for lab prints be they on paper or canvas.

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