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Webinar Archive: Using Camera Calibration Software for Creating Custom Camera Profiles

12/17/2013 1:00om EST  


Coloratti Falcon will lead this webinar outlining the workflow for using X-Rite ColorChecker Passport's stand-alone software, Camera Calibration Software. This easy to use software package gives you the control you need in a RAW workflow using Adobe Photoshop and Bridge. Many of our webinars have concentrated on using ColorChecker Passport with Lightroom. This webinar will concentrate on the workflow that utilizes Camera Calibration Software in Adobe Camera RAW and in Bridge.

Here's some of what we will discuss:

  • Why RAW?
  • Getting the exposure correct for your ColorChecker Passport image
  • Creating single and dual illuminant profiles
  • Applying profiles and white or neutral balance settings
  • Using DNG Profile Manager to keep your profiles well cataloged
  • Color management for your entire workflow

Falcon has been a member of our X-Rite Coloratti program for many years and works collaboratively with his staff at The House of NyghtFalcon, nyghtfalcon.com in Greensboro, NC.

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