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Webinar Archive: Bringing Your Personal Project to Life with Special Guest Sally Wiener Grotta

1/29/2014 1:00pm EST  

Many of us have a great idea or a passion for a particular project. This free webinar sponsored by X-Rite can help focus your passion and take you through the necessary steps to create then present your own personal project to the world. Visit American Hands at AmHands.com to see more of her vision as it has come to life.

Here's some of what she will cover:

  • How to develop an idea into a viable (fundable) project
  • Creating your game plan for success
  • Working out your logistics & budget
  • Finding your audiences & exhibit venues
  • Funding your project
  • Applying for grants

If you have the passion for a personal project that you want to share, join us to see what tips Sally can share with you about her experiences in making her personal project a reality.

Grant Information from Sally:
Essentially, start with your local state arts council, such as the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts or Massachusetts Cultural Council. Also, look into councils or arts organizations that are regional or city-based in your area. Sign up for the free information sessions whenever they are available.

An invaluable database (not just for NY) may be found on the NYFA Source website

Fiscal sponsorship by NYFA

Foundation Center's database is fee-based. However, they have locations throughout the United States with free access to the database, usually in a public library. You can find one in your state here.

I've posted my video "Understanding the Grant Game" on my YouTube channel. Watch Here

Connect with Sally:
American Hands website: AmHands.com
Master Classes & Mentoring: amhands.com/Master-Classes
Personal blog
Novels: Jo Joe and The Winter Boy
Twitter: @SallyWGrotta

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