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Webinar Archive: Color Management and Quality Output with Tom P. Ashe

3/21/2014 1:00pm EST  

To celebrate the publication of his new book “Color Management & Quality Output:  Working with Color from Camera to Display to Print” Coloratti Tom P. Ashe will share his expertise with us in this new guest webinar. Tom is an educator and color expert who serves as Associate Chair of the MPS Digital Photography program at School of the Visual Arts in New York City.

This webinar is for everyone who is concerned about good color quality in the digital photography workflow. Here is some of what Tom will share with us in this webinar:

  • Overview of color management in digital photography
  • Calibrating and profiling monitors and projectors
  • Input profiling, Scanners and Digital Cameras
  • Adobe Photoshop Color Settings
  • Assign or Convert to Profile
  • Preparing Digital Files for the Web and Tablets
  • Resizing and Sharpening

Click the link to learn more about his new book “Color Management & Quality Output: Working with Color from Camera to Display to Print.”

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