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Webinar Archive: Controlling Contrast for Better Color with Marc Muench

5/9/2014 1:00pm EDT  

Coloratti Marc Muench joins us for this guest webinar sharing with you techniques for enhancing your images using contrast adjustments. Marc will share with us his own workflow for adjusting Raw images using Adobe Photoshop in post production.

Beginning with proper color management from capture to view to print, Marc will show us how to make the most of our digital captures. His quick and effective techniques illustrate how to avoid edits that cause color issues including loss of detail. This presentation will show you how to utilize filters in Lightroom to avoid loss of detail. Marc will also demonstrate how to work in LAB color space to separate color from chroma for better control. These techniques are sure to enhance your images and reduce your postproduction finishing time.

Marc Muench is a third generation photographer with his own unique style immersing himself in America’s landscapes. He is a talented teacher and workshop leader who enjoys working with passionate amateur and professional photographers. Learn more about Marc Muench and his workshops at MuenchWorkshops.com

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