Douglas Dubler, Photographer

"Being an Epson Stylus Pro, I am constantly making profiles for many printers and many types of paper. I have developed my own proprietary system for doing this that involves reading targets that contain many thousands of color patches. With the i1iSiS XL I can do this in a matter of minutes. It reads each patch 6 times and records an average. A huge advantage over doing one manual reading that can very often be compromised. Together with the Optical Brightening Compensation (OBC), I can make profiles that for the first time take into account the optical brighteners in papers. Being able to print almost 3000 patches on one sheet of paper makes the i1iSiS XL the device for the production oriented user but at the same time ensures through state of the art technology that the accuracy of the readings is beyond question. The i1iSiS XL is by far the most accurate and convenient device of it’s kind on the market today."

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