R. Mac Holbert, Professional Photographer and Print Maker

"It’s great when a company listens to its customers. i1Display Pro is the result of exactly this. It’s smaller, smarter and easier to use than any color calibration solution to date. None of the accuracy or functionality of the calibrator was sacrificed. To the contrary - I found that i1Display Pro - in Basic mode - produced results on both monitor and projector calibration to be superior to any other calibration device I’ve ever used!

The device itself is a compact marvel.

The software provides a basic interface for the novice user and a more advanced one for the power user. In it’s Basic mode the software is extremely intuitive to navigate. An interactive live “Help” feature provides easy to understand guidance should the user wish to alter the defaults. The Advanced mode provides tools to help the experienced user to further refine and streamline the process.

i1Display Pro is the obvious choice for any one seriously interested in the digital arts.

Well done, X-Rite!"  www.rmacholbert.com/

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