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Date Created: 3/24/2008   Date Modified: 6/13/2016

+"Deviations" Warning When Creating a Scanner Target

When creating a scanner profile for a Kodak Q-60 K3 target it is very important that you have the corners cropped as precisely as possible or you will see a message prompt that states:

"Warning: The profile check resulted in some deviations.  If you decide to continue please test the profile before you use it in production.  Continue anyway?"

If this occurs it is best to go back and readjust the cropped corners.  The i1Match software will let you go past this if you say yes to continue, however your measurements of the target will not be correct and this will adversely affect the scanner profile you are creating.  Once the all adjustments are correct the profile will allow you to save without warning.

Remember, all targets are created differently and cropping will be unique to each target.  some targets will have you retain the number and alpha sequence on the top and sides, others will not!  Here is an example of cropping a Kodak Q-60 K3 transmissive scanner target.  In this example the corners are not exact and you will notice that there is a lot of misdirection at the bottom and on the right side of the target.

After you have advanced to the next screen you will now have the option to compare your newly cropped results against where your cropping should be.  Below the image shows the gradient bar without a smooth gray to black transition but rather just jumping colors that actually belong up in the target itself?  That is a top indicator that you need to go back to the previous screen and make further adjustments to bring your cropped target back into perspective.  If this is the case and you try to proceed you will be prompted about deviations in your profile.

After corrections your Measured chart should match up with your Scanned Chart area:

Click on the arrow and you will see no message box however your profile will begin to create. 

Save file and you have completed your new scanner target.