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Date Created: 10/26/2010   Date Modified: 3/2/2012

+Projector Profiling

Profiling a Projector

Projectors of all makes and models come with a varying range of preset modes.  Some of these modes allow for manual adjustments, others are simply adjusting internally to provide what the manufacturer intended to provide you with the best possible color.  When you are creating an ICC profile for the projector to use you will need to make sure that the projector you are working with is in one of the modes that are allowing for manual adjustments and that they allow the use of ICC profiles to control these settings.  Some of these modes may include but are not limited to sRGB, Dynamic, Cinema, Photo, Meeting, Presentation, etc.

Dynamic mode or sRGB are defaults to some projectors that will NOT allow a user to create and use an ICC profile.  In most cases you will not be able to even change the advanced RGB channels and make color adjustments in these particular settings. 

If you are profiling your projector and you come across issues where the device is getting hung up or the patches will not read properly from the projector screen make sure that you are NOT in these modes.  For additional information on which modes your projector has and what is controlling the color manually you will want to review your manufacturers operation manual.