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Date Created: 1/25/2012   Date Modified: 1/8/2013

+Visual C++ Error When Opening Program

If a customer has installed the current version of ColorMunki Display, ColorMunki Photo, ColorMunki Design, or i1Profiler and is unable to open the application while receiving an error similar to: “Visual C++…CRT not initialized”, there could be a conflict with a third party font manager.  To date (1/8/2013), there have been only a few customers with this issue and they have all been on Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.  There appears to be a conflict with a process called “FMCore.exe” that installs with the third party font manager.  Extensis is a company that develops four such font managers that use “FMCore.exe”. Those font managers are:

  • Suitcase Fusion
  • Suitcase Fusion 2
  • Suitcase Fusion 3
  • Universal Type Server


If the customer is experiencing the “Visual C++…” error when trying to open the X-Rite application, close the error and follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Delete and then select “Task Manager”) and select the “Processes” tab.
  2. Click on “Image Name” to alphabetize the list of processes.
  3. Search for “FMCore.exe”.  If it exists, right click on it and select “End Process”. This will allow our program to open without the “Visual C++…” error.
  4. Open the X-Rite application and create the desired profile/profiles. 
  5. In order to use the font manager, rebooting the computer will restart the FMCore.exe process.