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Date Created: 6/22/2012   Date Modified: 6/22/2012

+Display profile results

How to properly review the Display profile results.

The Display profile results compares the resulting measured behavior of your calibrated color display, to the target values that were defined on the Display Settings page. i1Profiler allows users to veiw the results in 4 different methods:


  • Gamut View - shows users the gamut of the profile.
  • Results View - shows users the Target and Acheived values for White Point, Contrast Ratio (Gamma), and Luminance.
  • LUTs View - shows users the calibration curves of their displays RGB channels.
  • Before and After View - allows users the ability to change between built in and custom images to compare new profile results with the before view.

Your display’s maximum possible luminance, at any particular white point, is based on the capabilities of the hardware. For most high quality displays, i1Profiler will produce a calibrated condition that closely mirrors your target settings for both white point and luminance.

Some digital displays may exhibit lower maximum luminance, due to the capabilities of the display technology or due to the loss of light output over time. In these cases, the achieved luminance of your calibrated display may be significantly lower than the target.

Please note: Your display produces its maximum luminance at its native white point. Typical native white points range between 6500K and 9500K...much higher than the typical target white point.

When simulating a white point that is different than your native color temperature, your display must reduce the light output of its Red, Green, or Blue channels.
Wen using the Native luminance option, the final output luminance of your calibrated display may be lower than your initial luminance before calibration, depending on the target white point selection.