X-Rite photo

Download: ColorMunki Photo Windows Activation Patch

Version: 1.0

Release Date: 4/13/2016

File Type: PC -

Download:    PC Version    


Windows Activation issues with ColorMunki Photo…follow these steps:

  1. Download and save the file named ColorMunki Photo Activation SP from the link above
  2. Delete the licensing file previously generated as it is corrupted and WONT WORK.
  3. To do so navigate to the licensing file at C:\ProgramData\X-Rite. These are hidden folders you may need to go into Control Panel > Folder Options (File Explorer Options on Windows 10) and click the “View” tab. Select “Show Hidden files and folders” or you will not be able to access the ProgramData folder. Delete the file named “Photo.lic” in C:\ProgramData\X-Rite.
  4. Run the downloaded patch called “ColorMunki Photo Activation SP.exe”.
  5. Plug in the device and allow the driver to fully install.
  6. Launch the software and select "Activate". NOTE: The patch will roll you back to a previous version of the software so when the program is launched you will be prompted to update. DO NOT UPDATE YET! You need to make sure to Activate the program BEFORE updating back to v1.1.1!!!
  7. Close the download window to go back to the ColorMunki Program. In the Activation window, select “Activate” and then “Close”. The ColorMunki program should remain open.
  8. Launch the software and open the program. The ColorMunki program can now be updated to the current version by reopening the software and using the download or by using the ColorMunki installation disk (if it is version 1.1.1).