X-Rite photo

Download: ColorMunki Photo

Version: 1.1.1 (Windows)

Previous Version: 1.1.0

Release Date: 11/11/2009

File Type: PC - ZIP File

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Release Notes for ColorMunki Photo (Windows) 1.1.1

System Requirements

  • Windows 7 (with latest Service Pack installed), Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 10. Either 32 or 64 bit OS
  • 512MB Ram
  • Intel Pentium IV or AMD Athlon XP or better CP
  • 450MB of available disk space
  • User must have Administrator rights to install, uninstall the application and the ColorMunki device drivers, and to be able to save Monitor Profiles.
  • Powered USB Port
  • Monitor resolution of 1024x768 pixels or higher
  • Dual display support requires either 2 video cards or a dual head video card that supports dual video LUT’s being loaded.
  • Network Adaptor- Installed and driver loaded
  • Internet connection required for automatic software update


  • Download: zip file, unzip or extract, double click installer icon and follow on screen instructions

What's New?

  • Support for Microsoft Windows 7 operating system

Known Issues

  • AppSet plug-in support for Adobe® Photoshop® CS4 and CS5 is not possible with the current releases of these applications (this only applies to the appset feature - not the ColorMunki application itself).
  • During the monitor patch measurement procedure in the Profiling application, if the device is not onscreen or if it should fall from the screen, the application may not detect that the device is not reading the correct color values. Should this situation occur, click the cancel button if available and restart the procedure.
  • After performing a Software Update from within the ColorMunki Photo application, you may need to restart the application for the changes to take effect.
  • Files exported from ColorMunki Photo cannot be double clicked to be opened in the associated application. You will need to load them using the Swatch or Color Library load feature in the associated application.
  • If you use the Synchronize option (checkbox) in the ColorPicker window and your palettes are not being loaded into Adobe® Photoshop®, restarting Photoshop® may fix this issue.
  • The “Online ColorMunki” (portal) web pages are only available in English.
  • UAC (Vista and Windows 7 only) and synchronization:
    • (Vista) The palette synchronization feature will not work with the User Access Control (UAC) feature turned on. UAC prevents third party applications from writing to the Adobe swatches and palettes folders without special permissions. This feature can be enabled by (a) turning UAC off or, (b) right-clicking on the ColorMunki icon when starting the application and selecting, “Run” as Administrator.
    • (Windows 7) Windows 7 allows users to select User Access Control (UAC) levels. To enable to synchronization users must (a) set UAC to the lowest setting or, (b) right-click on the ColorMunki icon when starting the application and select Run as Administrator.
  • UAC (Vista and Windows 7 only) and palette export:
    Exported palettes in the Corel® Painter™X and Corel® Painter™ 11file format can be saved to Corel’s “color” folder, but the user will not be able to see them or use them while UAC (User Access Control) feature is turned on.
  • Video card- Mobile Intel® 965 Express Chipset family (installed in some older models of Dell Laptops) will over write the profile LUT loaded after building a ColorMunki profile. The user will need to restart or logout of the system to get the ColorMunki profile LUT to load in the video card.
  • Third-party firewalls: Certain third-party firewalls may block connection to the ColorMunki device. In these cases users will need to go to the firewall control panel and create an exception for X-Rite Device Manager.