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Date Created: 4/10/2008   Date Modified: 3/16/2012

+Tray Application and Can It Be Disabled?

Question: What is the ColorMunki Tray and can I prevent it from being launched in my Mac's menu bar?

Answer: The ColorMunki Tray provides you quick access to the main functions of your ColorMunki software, like profiling your display or printer. Additionally it allows you to switch easily between your different printer / paper profiles you have created with ColorMunki. When you switch to another profile, the ColorMunki ApplicationSetter for Photoshop, Indesign and XPress will recognize it and set your newly selected profile as the default output profile.

If you do not want the ColorMunki Tray to be launched in your Mac system's menu bar, you may switch off the option 'Launch System Status' in the Preferences of the ColorMunki software.

Note: To access the Preferences in ColorMunki Photo, the application 'Photo ColorPicker' needs to be launched.

Note: On Windows XP and Vista, the ColorMunki Tray cannot be disabled. To access the options in the tray, right-click the ColorMunki icon at the bottom, right hand side of the menu bar.

When the system is first booted up the icon will be gray for the first half hour as it searches the system to verify that the profile is still within the time frame selected.  If it is then the icon will turn green, if not then the icon will turn red and you should see a little message appear saying that it is time to reprofile your display.