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Date Created: 4/14/2008   Date Modified: 3/23/2012

+Driver Installation - Windows XP

Question: When I connect my ColorMunki device after successfulLy installing the ColorMunki Software, the Hardware Installation Assistant cannot find the driver file and the driver installation fails. How can I solve this?

Answer: The ColorMunki driver file will be installed in the ColorMunki program folder (C://Program Files/X-Rite/ColorMunki.../drivers). When connecting your ColorMunki device the first time to an USB port on your computer, the Hardware Installation Assistant pops up and searches for the driver on your local volumes.

We have had one instance (on a Notebook computer running Windows XP Home, SP2) that for an unknown reason the Installation Assistant cannot find the driver in the ColorMunki folder. But when copying the 'drivers' folder out of the ColorMunki program folder to an external volume like an USB stick or CD, the driver will be found and installed successfully on your system.