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Date Created: 4/14/2008   Date Modified: 3/16/2012

+CRT Display Profiling

The ColorMunki device is a true spectrophotometer.  Therefore, it does have the ability to measure CRT’s with just as much precision as it offers on LCD’s and laptop displays.  To build a profile for your CRT, simply select the “LCD” option in the ColorMunki software.  Then, when you are asked to hang the ColorMunki on your display, just use some extra caution because the counter weight in the strap may not be heavy enough to hold the ColorMunki on the face of your CRT (this really depends on the physical dimension of your CRT and if the counter weight has enough leverage.)  So be careful when trying to hang ColorMunki and if necessary, you may have to place a book or another heavy object on the strap and help the Munki stay in place.  Also, we have some CRT users that have placed a self adhesive piece of Velcro on top of their CRT and then they hook the Velcro on the Munki strap to the Velcro they applied to the top of their CRT and this also holds the instrument in place during measurements.

The above will address holding the Munki in place.  If you’re using the "Advanced" profiling mode and "Set the luminance level of my display to the following target value", the default level will be 120cd for an LCD display.  It is advisable to set the target luminance to 100cd when profiling a CRT.  CRT's are typically set to 100cd and are frequently unable to reach a luminance level of 120cd.   If the CRT is unable to achieve the desired target value, get the indicator as close as you can, then proceed to the next step.

So that’s it, just use some extra care when mounting the ColorMunki to the face of your display and you should be all set.