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Date Created: 5/8/2008   Date Modified: 3/2/2012

+Measure colors with ColorMunki device


Measure colors with ColorMunki device

  1. Connect ColorMunki device. It will appear under Resources.  
  2. Click on the ColorMunki icon, under Resources.
  3. In the resulting ColorMunki information panel, "Status" will indicate whether ColorMunki is ready for measurements or needs calibration. Follow the on-screen instructions on how to Calibrate, take strip measurements or take spot measurements to measure colors.  
  4. Use ColorMunki to measure the color of an object. For each measurement you make, the number counter next to the ColorMunki icon, found under Resources, will increase.
  5. To view the palette being created from ColorMunki measurements, double-click just to the right of the ColorMunki icon, under Resources.
  6. Drag-drop colors from the ColorMunki palette window, onto your palette listed under Projects.

***If you need to calibrate the instrument the options will be in a grayed out status, once the calibration is completed then you will be able to make your selection of either Spot or Strip measurements.