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Date Created: 9/23/2008   Date Modified: 3/9/2012

+LUT Loader for Windows, what is it?

WCS in Vista, like Windows XP, still does not load calibration curves from monitor profiles.

After you calibrate and profile your display, the profiling software saves the graphics card's calibration curves inside the monitor profile so they can be reloaded on reboot.  When a user is calibrating and profiling with Custom Profiling Software, you will see these Loaders come up when the system is rebooted.  Just to name a few examples of these Loaders,  Adobe Gamma Loader, Monaco Gamma Loader, Logo Calibration Loader, and HueyPro Tray.   ColorMunki uses the ColorMunkiPhoto Tray application. 

 If you have more than one profiling software on your machine, you may run into issues with which profile loads.  The Mac OS has reloaded these curves automatically since OS 8 but on Windows, a third-party utility is required. This now will create conflicts with different software packages trying to load onto the system and fighting over which LUT Loader will load the curves first, you may even hear this referred to as LUT wars.