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Date Created: 11/13/2008   Date Modified: 3/9/2012

+Mac OS X - Colormunki Process Not Responding

Colormunki Process is Not Responding

While most software applications always stay in an active status the colormunkid processes work a little differently.   This is normal behavior from the software level and should not be of a concern to you or your operating system.  

With that being said, there are three symptoms that can be experienced when an application is truly 'Hung Up' and causing issues on the Mac platform.    These would be the spinning beach ball, increased CPU usage on the operating system and systemic unresponsiveness from the operating system level.  If you’re experiencing any one of these, especially the infamous spinning beach ball of death (SBBOD), you’ve definitely got an application that isn’t working the way it should and we would need to do some additional troubleshooting on your system or rather the ColorMunki application.

Actually if you perform a Force Quit on the application and then restart it later, it will always move into a Not Responding state as that is the design of the software.  This should not be something to cause you alarm.

As this was a concern for many users to see the process not responding, we have changed this in v1.1.  You will no longer see this process in that status from that version forward.