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Date Created: 12/16/2008   Date Modified: 5/7/2012

+Wrong Paper Size or Orientation when Printing ColorMunki Charts

Q: The charts printed with ColorMunki on some MacOSX systems may print with wrong orientation (landscape instead of portrait or too small). How can I fix that? It worked before and it cannot be changed in ColorMunki.

 A: We recognized, that since Mac OS 10.5.5 the printer setup utility might change or remember a wrong default paper size or orientation. This leads to the issue reported above. To fix it, please follow these steps:

  1. Quit the ColorMunki Software
  2. Open 'System Preferences/Print&Fax'
  3. Choose your intended printer
  4. Choose another default paper size, e.g. A3
  5. Close the Print&Fax window
  6. Start ColorMunki Software
  7. Follow the 'Printer Profiling' wizard until the step, where you setup to print the first chart (you do not need to send the final print)
  8. Close ColorMunki Software
  9. Go back to 'Print&Fax' panel
  10. Select default paper size A4
  11. Go back to ColorMunki Software
  12. The charts should now be printed again in correct paper size and orientation