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Date Created: 1/27/2009   Date Modified: 3/2/2012

+Can the ColorMunki profile a printer that is not connected?

The ColorMunki has been designed as a complete color management solution primarily for creative professionals who require the colors of their prints to match the colors they see on their displays. For photographers and designers who make their own prints, this means profiling each printer and paper combination that they print with as well as profiling their monitors or color displays.

The ColorMunki printer profiling process rasterizes the testchart in the printer driver and does not really allow users to profile printers that are not connected either directly or via network to their computer. This means the remote profiling of printers at external locations like a photo lab or sign shop is not truly supported.

However, when working with an external print provider, it's absolutely critical that your display is profiled so that you can be absolutely sure that you are viewing the true color data in your images when retouching or making color adjustments. If your display is calibrated or profiled using the ColorMunki and your lab sends you an ICC profile of their printer, you can accurately softproof in your studio and expect your vendor to deliver color that matches the softproof. X-Rite has been providing color management solutions to the printing and photographic industries for many years to profile their output devices and most print providers will be able to provide printer profiles to their clients for softproofing purposes.