X-Rite photo

Date Created: 12/29/2009   Date Modified: 3/2/2012

+Gray or Cyan strip printed on images

Applied ColorMunki profile in either Adobe Suite or Lightroom causes a gray band or strip that is showing around the image area on the top and bottom of the page.

The issue is being caused when using version 4 ICC profiles rather than version 2 ICC profiles.  Once you change that in your settings you should be fine and you will no longer see the gray band or strip around the printed area. 

To change the version of your profile please go into the preferences by launching ColorMunki software.  Go to ColorMunki Photo > Preferences.  Once this box opens simply change the printer profile from version 4 ICC to version 2 ICC profiles under the Printer Profile Settings and then save.  Once you have changed this you will need to go back and recreate a new printer profile which will then remove any type of gray band/strip that you will see in the image area when you print.