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Date Created: 1/21/2010   Date Modified: 3/9/2012

-Error 'Unable to set LUTs' on Windows systems

Question: Getting an error ‘Unable to set LUTs’, when trying to save a monitor profile created with ColorMunki software on Windows. What does this mean and how can I solve it?


Answer: LUT stays for ‘Look Up Table’ and refers to the VideoLUTs in the graphic card, where calibration data created with the ColorMunki Software will be loaded. The error message ‘Unable to set LUTs’ indicates that the calibration data could not be loaded successfully. This can be caused by a conflict with access to the graphic card.


On Windows in general the most common reasons are


- No Administration rights: make sure you are logged in as Administrator to your computer


- Other gamma loaders present in Start > Programs > Startup: make sure only
  ‘ColorMunki Gamma’ is present here, delete all others, e.g. Adobe Gamma



On Windows XP the following issue might cause the error message:


- make sure, that the ‘Hardware Acceleration’ is set to ‘Maximum’ in the Control
  Panel ‘Displays > Settings > Advanced > Troubleshooting’



On Windows Vista and Windows 7 these additional reasons have been recognized:


- Disable ‘Windows Defender’ in Control Panel Security


- Disable ‘User Account Control’ in control panel ‘User Accounts on Vista,
  respectively set ‘User Account Control’ to lowest level on Windows 7



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