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Date Created: 5/19/2010   Date Modified: 7/27/2012

+ICC Profiles v2 or v4 and ColorMunki Preferences

With version 1.1 the ColorMunki software now allows you the ability to choose between either v2 or v4 ICC profiles.  This can be very useful is you are using an application such as Windows Photo Gallery that is not compatible yet with v4.  To change these settings simply open the ColorMunki software.   On a PC go to File > Preferences.  On a Mac go to Colormunki Photo > Preferences. 

This opens these options for you so that you can:

  • Change the tonal response curve
  • Change versions of ICC for both monitor or printer
  • Enable DDC or Disable DDC
  • Achieve luminance value using the video cards LUTs

While you now have the ability to make either v2 or v4 profiles you most likely will never notice the difference between the two.  The main changes are structural and the removal of ambiguities that were not needed in the format of these files to allow for better performance in v4.

Per the International Color Consortium "The current version of the specification is Version 4. Color management products are now mostly v4 compatible, and vendors are strongly urged to upgrade their products to be compatible with the v4 specification and its Perceptual Reference Medium Gamut."  You can access additional information on this subject at their website www.color.org

The default setting is dependant upon your operating system as outlined in the following graph.


Operating System Default Monitor Profile Version Default Printer Profile Version
Windows XP 2** 4
Windows Vista 2 4
Mac 4 4


**Please note that Windows XP only supports version 2 monitor profiles.