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Date Created: 2/9/2011   Date Modified: 3/16/2012

+Conflict with ColorMunki and AVG security software on Windows

Symptom:  ColorMunki Photo does not launch on Windows XP, 32bit, an ‘unexpected Error’ message appears. On this computer also the software ‘AVG Internet Security’ is installed and running.


Problem: Further investigations did show, that ColorMunki Photo can especially not be launched after AVG has scanned the system (respectively the ColorMunki Photo Program folder). Even, adding all the ColorMunki Photo program parts to the exception list of AVG software does not help solving the issue (ColorMunki Photo.exe, ColorMunki Photo Tray.exe, CalibrationLoader and so on).


Workaround: Navigate to the ColorMunki Photo Program folder, right-click on it, select ‘Properties’, just change some settings like switching off the Read Only checkbox, then click to ‘Apply’. This action seems to repair some access to the folder or its contents, so that ColorMunki Photo can now be launched successfully again. So, it looks like that the scanning procedure from AVG blocks the access to the ColorMunki program folder or its content in some way, which prevents from launching ColorMunki Photo successfully. And just by confirming the folder properties the access is working again.