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Date Created: 9/19/2011   Date Modified: 3/2/2012

+Printer does not print with ColorMunki profile on Mac

We have seen cases, where prints do not come out, when printing with a profile created with ColorMunki software. This occured so far on MacOS 10.6, the profile was applied as output profile in Photoshop CS4 or CS5. The effected printer were a Canon and an EPSON printer. The print job has been send, but the printer was simply doing nothing.

The reason was, that the ICC profile created with ColorMunki contained mutated vowels like 'ü', 'ä', 'ö' in its file name. Those characters were changed to broken characters in the internal file name of the profile. Lots of applications referring to the internal file name to display the profiles in the program's pull-down menus or for other tasks.

The issue could be solved by removing those special characters from the internal and external file name.  To change the internal file name special tools are needed. For instance ProfileEditor 5 allows to edit the internal profile name. Or simply create a new profile and avoid using special characters in the file name. To be on the save side, also avoid using too long file names.

Note:This issue was reported for MacOS 10.6, ColorMunki, Photoshop environment so far, however, it might also occur on any other OS, with other DTP applications as well with any other profiling solution.