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Date Created: 10/25/2011   Date Modified: 6/30/2016

+Activates Successfully - program then shuts down

Activation on Windows

Issue: Program responds as if it Activates Successfully but then completely shuts down after the user clicks the close option.

Problem: Wireless card shows as a higher state in the Network cards therefore causes a blank line to appear in the licensing file. 

Resolution: Change the order of the Local Area Connection with the Wireless card, delete the licensing file, re-activate which now allows the encrypted line of text to appear on the top line of the file so users can access software properly.

1) Exit all CM software.
2) Start > Run > type in “ncpa.cpl” > Enter.  This will open the Network Connections window in Windows 7, Vista, or XP.  On Windows 8 and 8.1, type "run" while in Metro Mode (tiles screen) and choose the "Run" option.  Type "ncpa.cpl" (without quotes) and click "OK". 
3) Go to Advanced > Advanced Settings menu. (This is typically hidden in Windows. If you don’t see a menu bar, press Alt-F so that the menu bar appears.)

4) Using the top section’s arrows to bump down the top card so that another card is first on the list. Now my wireless card has priority, for example.  We want your Local Area Connection card to be on the top or the actual Network card itself rather than the wireless card.

5) Next we are going to  delete the license file by going to C:\ProgramData\Xrite and deleting the file called Photo.lic, Design.lic, or Create.lic respectively, once again this might be hidden so you will need to go to Tools > Folder Options > View and select “View Hidden files and Folders”.

Restart the ColorMunki software and Activate successfully which also now allows you to access the software. 

In the event that this doesn't resolve the users issue please try the instructions at the following links:

ColorMunki Photo:  http://xritephoto.com/ph_product_overview.aspx?ID=1115&Action=Support&SupportID=5898

ColorMunki Design:  http://www.xrite.com/colormunki-design/support/kb5900