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Date Created: 5/22/2012   Date Modified: 11/24/2015

+Connection Issue Windows

There recently have been updates from Microsoft that we have experienced blocking communications between our software and the USB device.  In most cases these are resolved by stopping the services and then restarting them.


  • First open the services application by going to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services.
  • Look for services named X‐Rite Device Manager and X‐Rite Device ColorMunki. ***If either of these devices is missing you will need to uninstall and then reinstall the download. You can locate the download for version 1.1 at this location:



  • Make sure the status on both show as "Started" and the startup type is Automatic. If they are not started turn them back on by clicking the once to highlight then use the Restart option.
  • Sometimes you will see they are started however stopping them and then restarting will allow the communication to reconnect especially in the case of updates from Microsoft. To shut off click on the X-rite Device Manager > Right Click > Select Stop.  This will shut off both services.  Restart them both one at a time by clicking on the X-rite Device Manager > Right Click > Select Start and repeat this for the X‐Rite Device ColorMunki in that order.
  • Relaunch the ColorMunki Software and you should now be connected.