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Date Created: 3/20/2008   Date Modified: 6/13/2016

+ColorMunki Monitor Calibration Settings - troubleshooter

ColorMunki’s calibration and profiling procedures are different for each type of display. Select LCD, Laptop or Projector and ColorMunki will create an ICC profile tailored to your display type.

ColorMunki offers both “Easy” and “Advanced” display profiling modes.

Easy Mode - Recommended for most users

Easy mode uses a fixed target white point (see below for white point explanation) and the current display settings for brightness and contrast.

Advanced Mode

Advanced mode allows you to customize more of your display profile settings and will result in a longer profiling workflow. Advanced mode for an LCD or Laptop allows you to enable the following options:

  • Optimize the brightness and contrast settings – Enable if want ColorMunki to help you adjust your display’s brightness and contrast settings. This option ensures that your displays brightness and contrast settings are in their optimum positions for profile building.

  • Optimize luminance level display based ambient light conditions – Enable if you want ColorMunki to adjust the brightness of your display to best suit your ambient or working environment.

  • Target White Point for Display – This option allows you to choose the target white point for your display profile. You should choose the white point setting that most closely matches the lighting under which you will view your prints. D65 is recommended for photography. D50 is recommended for design, printing and proofing. Native will not make any adjustments to the measured white point and is the default settings for projectors.

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