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Date Created: 12/16/2008   Date Modified: 3/2/2012

+I am getting stuck on the status screen when profiling my display

The Profile My Display step will force the user to calibrate the instrument prior to taking any measurements on the monitor.  Once you get to the ColorMunki Status screen you should see that there are 3 things that need to be performed:

  • Connect Device
  • Calibrate Device
  • Position to Measure

Some users find that as they are connected and calibrated the software changes from the red check marks to the green but then will move back to red again before they have had a chance to place the ColorMunki on the monitor and move to the next step thereby not allowing them to move forward.  This usually occurs due to accidentally pressing in the rotary dial which can easily happen when turning.  When the dial is pressed the software is actually taking it back to a calibration state again as this is what the instrument is telling the software to do while they are communicating.

One thing that can help to prevent this is using the tips of your fingers on the outer edge rather than trying to turn the dial by the center of the device where the edge is cut in so to speak.  As you have turned the dial from the calibrate state to the measure state correctly you will see that all three of these check boxes are now green and the Next option at the bottom right hand side of your screen is selectable to move forward.  

Once you click Next you will be prompted to place the device on your screen and the patch measurements will begin moving you forward into the profiling process until you have completed your new Display Profile.