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Date Created: 11/30/2009   Date Modified: 3/12/2012

++I am having difficulty measuring printer testcharts in strip mode

First, please try running i1Diagnostics to verify that your i1Pro is functioning correctly. If any part of the diagnostic test fails, please save the log and send it in to us at cmsupport@xrite.com for review.

When you use a handheld i1Pro to measure in Strip mode, the device must move at a consistent rate to correctly detect the patches. If you are having trouble measuring your testchart, be sure that you are moving in a slow and consistent fashion across the strip. You can also reference the training videos that are included with your i1Pro to get a better idea of the correct speed.

In addition, some printing techniques that use highly saturated colors (UV or solvent inks) or produce a very grainy dot pattern, or use textured substrates like scrim vinlys or fabics will be very difficult, if not impossible, to read in strip mode.

If you continue to experience a problem, check to see if the software you are using has a Patch or Spot mode, which will allow you to read each patch individually. If you cannot read by patch, you can also experiment with creating custom testcharts that have larger patch sizes and/or larger patch separators.